All about Chun Yuen

What does Chun Yuen Quan (pronounced Chiun Yuan Chuan) mean?

It means “elegant fist”.

What is Chun Yuen Quan?

Chun Yuen Quan is a set of warm-up exercises and forms. With very precise, dynamic movements and dramatic poses, the movements are softer and less martial than the original Shaolin forms.

What are the benefits of Chun Yuen Quan?

These exercises warm up the whole body, help the energy flow, and strengthen bones and muscles. The forms are especially good for posture, flexibility, joints and coordination.

How does Chun Yuen Quan differ from Qigong?

Chun Yuen Quan is taught to students who prefer more dynamic movement to gentle movement. For this reason it is often popular with younger people.

Practising the stronger Chun Yuen Quan alongside the softer Wild Goose Qigong helps to expand and complete our knowledge of how the Qi works in the body and keeps us in good health.

Where did it originate?

Chun Yuen Quan originated from the Northern Shaolin martial arts lineage. My teacher Sifu Michael Tse studied the skill under Master Wu Chun Yuen, who was taught by the famous 1930s Beijing Opera Master Wang Ping.

Daily Mail January 3rd,2012 - an article on Fitness Fads

As well as giving a thorough cardiovascular workout that aids weight loss and helps relieve stress, a Shaolin Kung Fu session will also help improve muscle tone, particularly on thighs, the bottom, upper arms and stomach.

Calories burned: 1,300 in a two-hour training session.