Welcome to Wild Goose Qigong (pronounced “chi gung”)


For a peaceful mind, healthy body and calm spirit, learn and practice Qigong.

It’s time for you to wave goodbye to aches and pains, stiff joints and that constantly tired feeling. Relax. Breathe. Feel more in control. Sense depression and stress fading away.

Bad posture? Poor diet? Hectic lifestyle? 9 or 90, fit or frail, Qigong will encourage your body to heal itself, as you cultivate and draw in the positive energy around you, and release all negative energy from your body.

When we are healthy we can do what we like, but when we are unhealthy we can only do what our body allows us to do. If you would like your body to allow you to do more, please come and try a practice session and feel the benefits for yourself.

Best wishes and good health,

Khim Guan

PS. A doctor who practices traditional Chinese medicine saw my Wild Goose first 64 and second 64 in a demonstration seminar. He said, "You have just given yourself an acupuncture treatment without me sticking a single needle into your body"

Eastern Art of Radiant Health and Happiness