Tse Qigong Centre Syllabus

Introduction to Qigong: (42 individual movements which are profound healing tools for the body)


  1. Balancing Gong (11 simple movements for breathing and posture)
  2. Healthy Living Gong Part 1 (10 movements for healing and relaxation)
  3. Healthy Living Gong Part 2 (10 movements for co-ordination and fitness)
  4. Healthy Living Gong Part 3 (11 movements for strength and stamina)

Level 1: (Complete healing system – 128 movements)

  • Wild Goose Qigong First 64
  • Wild Goose Qigong Second 64

Next stage (for students who have completed learning Wild Goose Qigong and wish to learn more)

Swimming Dragon for the kidneys and mind – Graceful swimming movements alongside challenging poses create the essence of energy. This helps develop our hidden potential and is a very dynamic form which lifts our spirit, building strength, coordination and balance.

Kunlun Jade Pillar Gong for spine and hips – A form which, by shaking and exercising posture, gives the spine and hips a gentle workout. The spine and waist are the first place we see ageing on the body. Very good for desk-bound PC workers.

Kunlun Twining Hands Bagua for liver – This uses special movements to stimulate the liver Qi and get rid of toxins. Sometimes we all need a little extra help after over indulgence with chocolates or alcohol!

Healthy Slapping Gong for meridian channels – This again features gentle self slapping to stimulate the body’s energy channels and to release negative Qi.