Qigong has physical and mental benefits. Here’s what just a few of the senior Tse Qigong Centre members have said about studying Qigong:

John had sustained sports and martial arts injuries …

“The injuries healed and my interest grew, not only in its healing potential but the philosophy and culture from which it has developed.”– John Hayes, New Malden, England

Jessica was suffering from the effects of stress …

“On a visit home to see my parents who had not seen me for a year, I was told that I was more patient and kind. Qigong had not only made me more healthy, it had made me nicer to be around”– Jessica Blackwell, Manchester, England

Peter had received back injuries as a result of an accident, which severely affected his spine …

“I now lead a very active life and am able to touch my toes, do martial arts, and basically everything else that Western medicine told me that I would not be able to do.” – Peter Walfisz, London, England

Pamela, a student in St Albans wrote What has Qigong done for her:

In the eighteen months since I first saw a Qigong demonstration and saw the flexibility my teacher had it has been an exciting time.  We are similar in age, but I had reached the point where looking over my shoulder to reverse the car was not as easy as it had been.  Bending down to my toes - whether to pick something up from the floor, or to put on shoes, was a manoeuvre that I did not know how long I could continue doing without effort.  I was also aware that my balance was deteriorating - I would think twice before going up a step ladder!

I started the Qigong classes and within a very short period of time I was aware of more energy, more enthusiasm and I knew that I had found a form of exercise that was going to fit into my every day life without any problems.  I was not prepared to pound the pavements going jogging first thing in the morning or late at night and I did not think I would benefit from joining a health & gym club.

With Qigong classes twice a month and the ability to practice at home, I gradually understood the detail and precision of the exercise and the benefit they were giving me.  It was fun too!  My teacher, Khim Guan, can introduce humour at the right moment and friendships develop from the classes amongst the students.

With expert guidance and tuition at all levels I have made some progress but there is still so much more to learn that this will remain an interesting part of my life for a very long time.  Thank goodness I found Qigong when I did and how I wish I had found it sooner!"

David Ware, an instructor from Essex, wrote :

When I first saw my Sifu (teacher) practicing Qigong I was entranced.  The movements she was performing didn't look too difficult to do.  She wasn't moving quickly and didn't look as if she was straining in any way; in fact it looked as if she was totally enjoying every bit of it.  Every movement, shape, pose and breath.  It was as if she was completely at one with her breath, posture, relaxation and attitude which gave the impression of being completely in the moment or present.

What was a simple movement become so much more, like movements within movements.  I later found out that this was actually true and this was to be the beginning of a fascinating journey with her into the world of QIGONG.

Now I lead a healthy life as I hardly ever catch colds or flu and when I do it's very short lived with minor symptoms compared to others.  I am more flexible than I have ever been in my life.  My long term issues with eczema both wet and dry have virtually gone.  I used to suffer with headaches all the time and now hardly get any.  I haven't had a migraine since starting practicing qigong.  My knees have recovered well from all the heavy work I used to do and my posture has improved.

These are just some of the many things QIGONG has given me and I wish to thank my Sifu Khim Guan for her time and patience in teaching me this amazing skill.  She is a gifted teacher and a true example of a high level qigong practitioner.